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Leos Novotny “Dezentralisation of Railway” @ European Students For Liberty Prague

Leos Novotny “Dezentralisation of Railway”

The Sons of Libertas recorded the lecture of Leos Novotny “Dezentralisation of Railways” at the European Students for Liberty conference in Prag 2014.

Leos Novotny was born in 1985 in Jihlava. He gained experience during his studies while working abroad in Russia and Romania at the company Hamé.

Following his graduation from University of Warwick in Britain, he started working in investment banking. He was an adviser to transactions with European and worldwide private equity and institutional investors, who invested in central and eastern Europe.

He later worked on projects in Great Britain, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Romania and China. Later he founded Aakon Capital, and in its first two years of existence, the company invested almost 2 billion crowns in a couple of private equity projects.

In 2010, he founded LEO EXPRESS. His trains are in operation from December 2012, without government subsidies, on the routes of Prague–Ostrava–Bohuím and Prague–Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště.

Aakon Capital, the private equity investment company Leos co-founded with other investors, unites financial investors and bank institutions to work on projects in a few sectors. Aakon Capital searches for, mediates, invests and looks after private investments to small and middle sized companies, especially in central and eastern Europe.

Leos Novotny studies 7 foreign languages.